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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jennifer Quertermous and I am a Business Administration major (marketing) here at UIS. This is my last semester as an undergraduate and I will begin the MBA program this fall. I’m hoping to continue on to a PhD program after that and begin a career in academia.

I am a returning student, having spent over a decade at home raising my children and trying my luck in various industries. In the midst of my domestic goddess period, I dabbled in real estate sales until the housing market crumbled. From there, I thought selling PRINT advertising for a newspaper group in Southern Illinois would be a successful venture. Obviously, that wasn’t my best move. 🙂

The first thing I realized when I returned to school last June is how very different the academic environment is now, compared to 2002. EVERYTHING is online now! I knew immediately I needed to improve my technology skills to have any kind of differential advantage in the job market. For this reason, I have added a few courses from the Computer Science department and, then, this course.

Many of the theories discussed in the reading assignment for this week are very similar, if not the exact same, theories and concepts I have studied in the marketing courses I’ve taken so far. Adoption also plays a very critical role in a product’s marketing strategy. Likewise, we considered the decision-making process in the Consumer Behavior course I took last semester.

So, identifying my own adoption category is quite easy: I am the most lagging laggard that ever lagged along. As much as I absolutely love MY technology, I hate moving forward. I don’t have the time, energy or desire to keep up with the latest and greatest. And, as someone else in class pointed out, it’s really expensive to buy new toys.

For example, I was perfectly content with my old Blackberry; the one that had a piece of tape across the front so the scroll ball (not technical term) didn’t fall out in my purse. After many pleas from my husband to upgrade to something new, which fell on my deaf ears, he finally presented me with an iPhone and told me, “I shut the Crackberry off so it doesn’t work anymore”. So, that was the death of the last working Blackberry. 🙂

My Favorite Thai dish to make: Penang Chicken

My Favorite Thai dish to make: Penang Chicken

That being said, I have been wanting to learn how to blog for ages. I visit blogs constantly, most often in search of new recipes for international or exotic cuisine. I love trying new food and think Anthony Bourdain has the most amazing job in the world (except when he eats bugs, rodents and fermented funk. Ok…maybe I just want to go to the places he does and be a little pickier about what I eat). 🙂

I hope we all have a great semester and I can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish at the end!



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  1. Hi Jen. It’s nice to meet you. I agree about liking the today technology and not moving forward. Once I find something I like, like a cell phone, I usually just try to stay with that because I never see much point to go to something different if I like what I have, unless stores stop providing the phones when it’s time for upgrades and my current barely works so I have to get something new. Yeah… I’m a laggard too. It’s good your taking computer classes, it’ll help in your future job and when society decides that the newest technology needs to replace the old. Anyway, I hope you learn a lot from this class and I’m excited to read your future posts. 🙂

    • I get so excited about technology after I’ve learned how to use it. We (UIS students) have access to so many really cool IT services (BOX, Citrix, etc). I use both often and it has made my work so much easier. Box, if you haven’t used it, is our storage on the cloud and you can collaborate and share files. Citrix is the remote desktop service that allows me to use a desktop on campus, from my computer at home. Being able to use all the software that UIS has, from home, is awesome! But, I had to be forced into both by a class last semester.

  2. Hi Jen! I was really excited when I saw the Thai Dish that you like to make as Thai is my favorite kind of food to eat. While reading your blog, I totally understand the sudden bafflement on how everything is online now. The academic environment currently is totally tech-savvy as my mom calls it. It takes me a bit to get used to it, as I grew up in an academic environment with limited technology usage. Skyping my parents allowed me to feel as though they were right next to me at college, even though they lived a country away from me. I learned that communication technology creates a much smaller world. When I got to UIS, I realized that there were online courses and we could study without even being present in a classroom. This class demonstrates that very concept. Anyway, good luck with your last semester and hope we have a great semester ahead of us!

    • Thai is one of my favorite cuisines too! Really my taste leans towards all the Asian cuisines. They seem to focus more on vegetables and grains, which is what I prefer to eat. If you have a favorite recipe from India please share! 🙂 I’ve made Naan before but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what you have had.

  3. I think its great that you are able to take a class that is allowing you to further understand what you are interested in, i.e. blogging. Its great to see how technology helps us in our everyday life and can assist us in keeping in touch with friends and family (Facebook) to helping us cook up a delicious homemade recipe. I also agree with your writing about your Blackberry. I too loved my old flip phone and used it up until the past year. I finally had to make the switch to a smart phone (half of which I don’t even use) and I miss the simplicity of the old phone.

    • There are so many things, when you think about it, that the cell phone made obsolete. Watches, alarm clocks, cameras, and the list goes on. I’ve never needed a compass, but if I did I know I have one on my iPhone 🙂

  4. Jen, I’ve got a Massaman recipe you really need to try. (My favorite Thai dish!)

    It occurs to me that the only thing that separates an early adopter from a laggard is time. Transported back a few years, even a Blackberry held together with tape designated you as one of the “cool kids.”

    The only thing that made it uncool was RIM’s bad business decisions.

    I have an iPad Mini on my desk with my 27″ iMac, but I have an Android cell phone from 2009 that barely can wake itself up from a coma. Why not upgrade? I like my month-to-month contract and don’t want to lock in for another two years, even though I’ve been with the same cell provider since 2002. How crazy is that?

    • Yes, and if you look into signing a new contract you will find that your plan isn’t available anymore. Or, more likely, the plan most similar to your current plan has doubled in price. That’s been my experience anyway.

  5. Hi Jennifer, it seems like your track record runs almost parallel with mine. When I first attended college at University of Florida, it seemed that using ftp editing and utilizing the internet was only in it’s trial stages, as far as school was concerned. Now, every class that I take is online! I enjoy it more because I get to sit in my cozy office with the dogs snoring next to my feet whilst I work.

  6. Nice to meet you Jennifer! I really like your blog. It’s so cute and easy to read. I’m excited to see where this class takes my skills and I’m hoping I adapt easily to all of these new technologies! Best of luck to you!

  7. Hey Jennifer,

    Technology is advancing at blazing speeds. I would know because quite often I find myself buying the next generation technology at the end of each month. I’m trying to hold back my urge, but it’s just so amazing how fast computers or smartphones can be and how innovative they can be.

    You brought up an interesting point where education is different compared to before. I would have never considered a summer course, because I like home very much. But now that there’s courses that are entirely online, it’s become an option to me. This is actually my 2nd online course that I’ve taken at UIS, and I am very excited to see where this course (and everyone’s blog) will head.

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